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THE INFLUENCE OF JUDO - Blending Judo "back" into MMA & BJJ - "The First MMA Fighter - JUDO Gene Lebell" [Plus Judo History & A Visit With Olympian Travis Stevens] UPDATED 6/12/14

By Tommy Hackett on July 23, 2013                                                                                 Matt Kryger-USA TODAY      

Ronda Rousey may be the first UFC champion to claim judo as her foundation in the martial arts. But the “gentle way” has been influencing MMA for years, and not just in the careers of MMA elite like Emelianenko Fedor (who scored two third-place finishes in the Russian Judo Nationals in the 1990′s)...

Heck, it was researched by the man that UFC President Dana White famously calls “the Godfather of MMA,” Bruce Lee. In a 1997 book compiled of Lee’s notes, "JUDO'S strengths are identified as balance", o-soto gari (a reaping takedown favored by MMA fighters like Yoshihiro Akiyama, foot sweeps, and mat work.”

It's more obviously in the roots of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, (BJJ) artists who practice an art originally brought to Brazil by KODOKAN Judoka Mitsuyo Maeda.






Akiyama using Osoto-Guruma (Major outer wheel) against Jake Shields...


JUDOKA & UFC Fighter Yoshihiro Akiyama 

Akiyama using Harai-Goshi (Hip Sweep) to throw Jake Shields...


                            JUDO HISTORY

Kano meeting with the heads of Ju-Jutsu schools (All Former Samurai) to unite under Judo & decide the kata  or Samurai combat forms for "KODOKAN JUDO". (Kano center front with hands on cane) At the age of 22 Jigoro Kano opens a dojo, which he called the "KODOKAN" The year 1882... Below is a movie about the beginning of "JUDO", a must see movie for every Judoka to watch, this is our JUDO standard to live by!


                                 Sanshiro Sugata (Judo vs. Ju-jutsu)

It follows the story of Sanshiro, a strong stubborn youth, who travels into the city in order to learn jujutsu . However, upon his arrival he discovers a new form of self-defence, this new martial art is called "JUDO".

Sanshiro Sugata (1943)

Full Movie: CLICK HERE: Sanshiro Sugata "JUDO SAGA" (1943) A story about the beginning of JUDO "1882" Directed by Akira Kurasawa. 


This film was divided into four parts... NOTE: They refer to the KODOKAN as SHUDOKAN & KANO as YANO... Movies? (Allow for commercial ads and loading of each video. Parts 1-4)



What Defines a Judo throw: There are 67 basic Nage-Waza (Throwing Techniques) and each throw has a multitude of variations.

A Judo throw is a judo throw, and a handle is a handle. In Sport Judo generally a Judo GI is used to throw your opponent but not always. (JUDOs origin is jujutsu/Yawara)  The Samurai developed jujutsu for combat in the battlefield and they didn't wear a Judo GI,  it didn't matter whether they grabbed an Arm, Head, Ear or Battle Armour etc... these throws were developed  to apply  the technique with any kind of handle or grip. "Sent by the KODOKAN to introduce Judo to the World was a man named (Mitsuyo Maeda)" aka Conde Coma the man who taught Carlos Gracie Judo, which gave birth to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Maeda would fight anyone with or without a GI, the results were the same, you got thrown and submitted.

Now, look at "NAGE WAZA" (Throwing Techniques)

GP2014-63QF- Gerbi-sode-ippon(wm)


Mitsuyo Maeda aka "Count Conde Koma" (1874 - 1941) Expert in "Kosen Judo / Jujutsu" butt scooter or guard jumper, and Kodokan JUDO student of Jigoro Kano.  

NOTE: Mitsuyo Maeda had an uninterrupted winning streak of more than a thousand matches! He won every judo/jujitsu, free fight, luta libre (portuguese for free fight) or catch-can contest he ever competed in. He did this all at 5' 6" and a 157 lbs, and took on all-comers, any size and weight!!!

The Japanese art of Jujitsu was outlawed in the late 1800s by Japan's own Emperor in an effort to become more modern. The art was saved by Jigoro Kano, a true martial arts legend, who streamlined the overly complicated and disjointed art into Judo and also created the concept of awarding students black belts. He founded his own school and began teaching. One of Kano's star pupils was a man named Mitsuyo Maeda, who would go on to be pivotal in the founding of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

"KODOKAN KOHAKU SHIAI STYLE CONTEST": (In this case, better known as a SLAUGHTER LINE!!!) Conde Koma will challenge three men per night. If he can't defeat them in three minutes each, the challengers can split "$500" A whole lot of money back in 1911 Of course no one ever collected!   



Differences between Judo and BJJ Groundwork

                         "JUDO Gene Lebell"


      "Judo" Gene Lebell vs. "Boxer" Milo Savage


CLICK HERE: TRAIN LIKE AN OLYMPIC LEVEL JUDOKA. See how two time Olympian "Travis Stevens" trains.

Question: Does JUDO work in MMA? You decide...






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