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                           IJF News - November 23rd, 2013

The Judo Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi 2013 concluded on Saturday November 23rd with an action-packed second day at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

Judo Grand-Prix Abu Dhabi 2013: Day 2 Final Block

Judo Grand-Prix Abu Dhabi 2013: Day 2

The last seven weight categories were in action on day two as the women’s -70kg, -78kg and +78kg categories were contested along with the men’s -81kg, -90kg, -100kg and +100kg categories.

The best male judoka and best female judoka were revealed as home judoka and gold medallist Victor SCVORTOV (-73kg) and Germany’s dominant winner Miryam ROPER (-57kg).

The majority of contests were decided by a positive score on both days as the athletes found their rhythm and attacked with purpose. On the second day 88% of contests were settled by a positive score compared to 84% on the opening day. Today’s final block featured 21 contests which concluded with a positive score.

IJF President Mr. Marius Vizer said: "I want to congratulate the organisers for the great effort and the great job they did to organise a top event. The level was particularly good this year. I want also to congratulate the UAE Federation for all its efforts to develop judo in the country and in the whole region. Today, they have obtained a second gold medal, which represents a fantastic achievement. A strong educational programme is also starting in Abu Dhabi, and this is very positive. Last but not least, I want to wish good luck to all the participants of the upcoming Veterans World Championships."

The full results can be seen at http://www.ippon.org/gp_uae2013.php


-70kg: POLLING on top

Only ten seconds were necessary for Kim POLLING (NED) to score the first yuko of the final against Jennifer PITZANTI (ITA) and 30 more seconds to catapult the Italian on her back with a superb o-goshi for ippon. 

The first bronze medal was won by Sally CONWAY (GBR). The whole fight was really tense and neither of the two fighters could find any opportunity to throw until the very last second when CONWAY countered a last attempt from the Russian, Irina GAZIEVA, for a waza-ari. In the second bronze medal fight, Margaux PINOT (FRA) won by penalties against Giulia CANTONI (ITA). With no surprise, Kim POLLING qualified for her sixth final of this season. In the first round, she defeated Fanny Estelle POSVITE (FRA) and in the semi-final, Giulia CANTONI (ITA). The French showed the most resistance to the power of the Dutch, but only for less than two minutes before being thrown and immobilised. The second Italian of the category, Jennifer PITZANTI (ITA), created the surprise and qualified for the final to face POLLING. In the first round, she eliminated Antonia MOREIRA (ANG) before defeating Jia ZHAO (CHN) and Irina GAZIEVA (RUS).

POLLING, Kim (NED) vs. PITZANTI, Jennifer (ITA)

POLLING, Kim (NED) vs. CANTONI, Giulia (ITA)
GAZIEVA, Irina (RUS) vs. PITZANTI, Jennifer (ITA)

Bronze Medal Fights
CONWAY, Sally (GBR) vs. GAZIEVA, Irina (RUS)
PINOT, Margaux (FRA) vs. CANTONI, Giulia (ITA)

Final Results

2. PITZANTI, Jennifer (ITA)
3. CONWAY, Sally (GBR)  
3. PINOT, Margaux (FRA) 
5. CANTONI, Giulia (ITA)        
5. GAZIEVA, Irina (RUS) 
7. POSVITE, Fanny Estelle (FRA) 
7. ZHAO, Jia (CHN)         

-78kg: The power of TCHEUMEO 

With both hands perfectly positioned on her opponent's judogi, and with the capacity of imposing the rhythm, nobody seemed capable of stopping the French judoka Audrey TCHEUMEO. And for sure, Natalie POWELL (GBR), despite very good preliminary rounds, was not the one to subdue TCHEUMEO who added one more title to her prize list. A superb sumi-gaeshi produced ippon and concluded the competition day of the wonen's -78kg weight category. 

The two bronze medal were won by the two Russian competitors, Anastasiya DMITRIEVA (RUS) eliminating the Brazilian Samanta SOARES by yuko, and Alena KACHOROVSKAYA (RUS) throwing two times Ivana MARANIC (CRO) for Waza-ari.
Former world Champion and London 2012 Olympic bronze medallist, Audrey TCHEUMEO (FRA), always impresses with her power and once again, she was able to enter the final of the category after having won against Samanta SOARES (BRA) by waza-ari and Ivana MARANIC (CRO) by ippon. 


TCHEUMEO, Audrey (FRA) vs. POWELL, Natalie (GBR)

TCHEUMEO, Audrey (FRA) vs. MARANIC, Ivana (CRO)
DMITRIEVA, Anastasiya (RUS) vs. POWELL, Natalie (GBR)

Bronze Medal Fights
SOARES, Samanta (BRA) vs. DMITRIEVA, Anastasiya (RUS)

Final Results

1. TCHEUMEO, Audrey (FRA)
2. POWELL, Natalie (GBR)        
3. DMITRIEVA, Anastasiya (RUS)  
5. MARANIC, Ivana (CRO) 
5. SOARES, Samanta (BRA)        
7. HUIDROM, Sunibala Devi (IND) 
7. OUALLAL, Kaouthar (ALG)

+78kg: Nine seconds for KONITZ

The last female final of the Grand Prix between Franziska KONITZ (GER) and Sonia ASSELAH (ALG) was the shortest of the two days of competition as only nine seconds were necessary to the German to score ippon with a perfect o-uchi-gari. 

The first bronze medal went to the Russian Anaid MKHITARYAN, who immobilised Yuhang XING (CHN) for ippon. Winner last year here in Abu Dhabi, Emilie ANDEOL (FRA) was not capable to repeat her performance but nevertheless, she obtained a beautiful third place by defeating Sarah ADLINGTON (GBR).

KONITZ, Franziska (GER) vs. ASSELAH, Sonia (ALG)

ANDEOL, Emilie (FRA) vs. KONITZ, Franziska (GER)

Bronze Medal Fights
XING, Yuhang (CHN) vs. MKHITARYAN, Anaid (RUS)
ADLINGTON, Sarah (GBR) vs. ANDEOL, Emilie (FRA)

Final Results

1. KONITZ, Franziska (GER)      
2. ASSELAH, Sonia (ALG) 
3. ANDEOL, Emilie (FRA) 
3. MKHITARYAN, Anaid (RUS)      
5. XING, Yuhang (CHN)
7. KUELBS, Jasmin (GER) 
7. ODKHUU, Javzmaa (MGL)


-81kg: TOMA wins the second gold for UAE

The first final of the day opposed Sergiu TOMA (UAE) and Sven MARESCH (GER). After only 15 seconds, TOMA, strongly supported by the public, engaged a first sumi-gaeshi for waza-ari.  The UAE fighter then perfectly controlled the rest of the final to bring a second gold medal to the host country after yesterday's victory in -73kg category.

In the first bronze medal fight between Sirazhudin MAGOMEDOV (RUS) and Tom REED (GBR), the Russian athlete quickly took the advantage with a superb uchi-mata but with REED landing on his side, the throw was only awarded for waza-ari. A few seconds later MAGOMEDOV scored again, on the edge of the competition area, o-soto-gari for ippon this time. The second bronze medal went to Yakhyo IMAMOV (UZB), who defeated Amir GHASEMI NEJAD (IRI) after a very tight fight, the only difference being made by one penalty against the Iranian competitor. Sergiu TOMA being the top seeded athlete of the category, he didn't disappoint his home crowd and qualified for the final, after two victories by ippon and one by yuko. In the final he was opposed to the German Sven MARESH, who concluded his preliminary rounds with a ko-uchi-gari against Tom REED (GBR) for ippon, only eight seconds before the end of the semi-final. 

TOMA, Sergiu (UAE) vs. MARESCH, Sven (GER)

TOMA, Sergiu (UAE) vs. GHASEMI NEJAD, Amir (IRI)
REED, Tom (GBR) vs. MARESCH, Sven (GER)

Bronze Medal Fights
MAGOMEDOV, Sirazhudin (RUS) vs. REED, Tom (GBR)

Final Results

1. TOMA, Sergiu (UAE)
2. MARESCH, Sven (GER)  
3. IMAMOV, Yakhyo (UZB) 
3. MAGOMEDOV, Sirazhudin (RUS)  
5. GHASEMI NEJAD, Amir (IRI)    
5. REED, Tom (GBR)      
7. SEMENOV, Stanislav (RUS)
7. STEVENS, Travis (USA)        

-90kg: Good surprise for FACENTE and Italy  

The final of the day opposed Walter FACENTE (ITA) and Noel VAN T END (NED). After almost two minutes of observation, FACENTE was the first one to score with an outstanding left handed tai-otoshi for waza-ari and with just 17 seconds remaining scored ippon with another superb technique (ko-uchi-gari). 

The first bronze medal was won by Ramin GURBANOV (AZE), who eliminated Mohammad JAMALI (IRI) by waza-ari. The second bronze medal went to the Russian Kirill DENISOV. After only a few seconds, Shahin GAHRAMANOV (AZE), apparently injured from a previous match, had to stop fighting. The final opposed two unseeded athletes, as Walter FACENTE (ITA), was able to eliminate the top seeded competitor of the category, Kirill DENISOV (RUS) and Noel VAN T END (NED) took the advantage in the second half of the draw. 

FACENTE, Walter (ITA) vs. VAN T END, Noel (NED)

DENISOV, Kirill (RUS) vs. FACENTE, Walter (ITA)
JAMALI, Mohammad (IRI) vs. VAN T END, Noel (NED)

Bronze Medal Fights
GURBANOV, Ramin (AZE) vs. JAMALI, Mohammad (IRI)
GAHRAMANOV, Shahin (AZE) vs. DENISOV, Kirill (RUS)

Final Result

1. FACENTE, Walter (ITA)        
2. VAN T END, Noel (NED)        
3. DENISOV, Kirill (RUS)        
3. GURBANOV, Ramin (AZE)        
5. JAMALI, Mohammad (IRI)
7. REMARENCO, Ivan (UAE)        
7. SINGH, Avtar (IND)

-100kg: PETERS tops the podium 

After more than three minutes, the scoreboard was still empty when the Olympic and world bronze medallist, Dimitri PETERS (GER), scored the first yuko. After a quiet first part of the final, this seemed to suddenly give a second breath to both finalists. Martin PACEK (SWE) started to attack non-stop with his great tomoe-nage and he was able to score a yuko as well. But the final word was given by PETERS who was awarded with waza-ari (ko-uchi-gake).


The first bronze medal went to Karl-Richard FREY (GER) after one of the most intense fights of the competition. Flavio ORLIK (SUI) was the first one to score a waza-ari with a counter attack. Then for almost four minutes FREY literally run after the score. The second bronze medal went to Soyib KURBONOV (UZB), who immobilised Sergei SAMOILOVICH (RUS).

PETERS, Dimitri (GER) vs. PACEK, Martin (SWE)

SAMOILOVICH, Sergei (RUS) vs. PETERS, Dimitri (GER)
ORLIK, Flavio (SUI) vs. PACEK, Martin (SWE)

Bronze Medal Fights
FREY, Karl-Richard (GER) vs. ORLIK, Flavio (SUI)

Final Result

1. PETERS, Dimitri (GER)        
2. PACEK, Martin (SWE)  
3. FREY, Karl-Richard (GER)
3. KURBONOV, Soyib (UZB)        
5. ORLIK, Flavio (SUI)  
5. SAMOILOVICH, Sergei (RUS)    
7. MARET, Cyrille (FRA) 
7. SAYIDOV, Ramziddin (UZB)

+100kg: KAMBIEV concludes the competition with gold for Russia

The last final of the 2013 edition of the Judo Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi opposed Roy MEYER (NED) and Aslan KAMBIEV (RUS). A first penalty was given to the Russian for not having respected the limit of the competition area. Then MEYER was also penalised for passivity. But the KAMBIEV's legs and arms were too long for the Dutch to avoid a terrific uchi-mata, which concluded two days of great judo at the ADNEC, Abu Dhabi.

The last two bronze medal fights of the day went to Andre BREITBARTH (GER) who defeated Ushangi KOKAURI (AZE) and to Boltoboy BALTAEV (UZB). Leading by a waza-ari, the Azerbaijan judoka had great difficulties to maintain the score to his advantage, but at the end was able to raise his arm.

MEYER, Roy (NED) vs. KAMBIEV, Aslan (RUS)

ZOUANI, Bilal (ALG) vs. MEYER, Roy (NED)
KOKAURI, Ushangi (AZE) vs. KAMBIEV, Aslan (RUS)

Bronze Medal Fights
BREITBARTH, Andre (GER) vs. KOKAURI, Ushangi (AZE)
BALTAEV, Boltoboy (UZB) vs. ZOUANI, Bilal (ALG)

Final Result

1. KAMBIEV, Aslan (RUS) 
2. MEYER, Roy (NED)
3. BALTAEV, Boltoboy (UZB)      
3. BREITBARTH, Andre (GER)      
5. KOKAURI, Ushangi (AZE)
5. ZOUANI, Bilal (ALG)  
7. BITIEV, Vakhtangi (AZE)      
7. NATEA, Daniel (ROU)  

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