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柔道 - Judo Techniques

           Nage Waza - Throwing Techniques 

"Tachi-waza" (Standing techniques) are performed from a standing posture, and they refer to "Nage waza" (Throwing techniques) which include Te waza (Hand techniques), Ashi Waza (Foot & Leg techniques), and Koshi Waza (Hip techniques).

NOTE: "Nage Waza" consist of "Tachi-waza" (Standing techniques) and "Sutemi waza" (Sacrifice techniques).

1. Te Waza - Hand Techniques

"Te waza" (hand techniques) belong to the "Nage waza" (Throwing techniques) group, and consist of effectively using the hands/arms to throw the opponent.

Kodokan Judo lists 15 Te waza (hand techniques)

Tai Otoshi - Body Drop Throw
Ippon Seoi Nage - One Arm Shoulder Throw
Morote Seoi Nage - Both Arm Shoulder Throw
Kata Guruma - Shoulder Wheel
Kibisu Gaeshi - Heal Reap
Kouchi Gaeshi - Minor Inside Reap Counter
Kuchiki Taoshi - Dead Tree Drop
Morote Gari - Two Hand Reap
Obi Otoshi - Belt Drop
Obi Tori Gaeshi - Belt Grab Turnover
Sukui Nage - Scooping Throw
Sumi Otoshi - Corner Drop
Uchimata Sukashi - Inner Thigh Throw Counter
Uki Otoshi - Floating Drop Throw
Yama Arashi - Mountain Storm

2. Koshi Waza - Hip Techniques

"Koshi-waza" (Hip techniques) are part of the "Nage waza" (Throwing techniques) category, and consist of throwing an opponent in a sudden motion, using one's hip as the fulcrum.
After pulling an opponent onto one's hip, the Koshi-waza (Hip techniques) may be performed with a leg sweep Waza, by a shoulder throw Waza performed while grasping and lifting one of the opponent's sleeves, or by using the spring force in one's legs to flip the opponent up and over one's hip.
Kodokan Judo specifies 11 Koshi-waza (Hip techniques)

Uki Goshi - Floating Hip Throw
O Goshi - Major Hip Throw
Tsuri Komi Goshi - Lift and Pull Hip Throw
Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi - Life and Pulling Sleeve Hip Throw
Koshi Guruma - Hip Wheel Throw
Harai Goshi - Sweeping Loin Throw
Hane Goshi - Springing Hip Throw
Ushiro Goshi - Rear Hip Throw
Utsuri Goshi - Changing Hip Throw
Uki Goshi - Floating Technique Throw

3. Ashi Waza - Foot and Leg Techniques

"Ashi waza" (Foot / leg techniques) are part of the "Nage waza" (Throwing techniques) category, and consist of using one's foot / leg for reaping, tripping, sweeping, supporting, entangling, etc. A contestant applies these Waza by adding his own force to the opponent's motion in order to destabilize the opponent's Center of gravity in the forward, backward, or lateral direction, and then using his foot / leg to attack the opponent's leg and topple him.

The Waza elements include reaping the opponent's leg to topple him, tripping him to further destabilize him, sweeping his leg to throw him, using one's own leg as a pivot from which to throw him, and entangling his leg in order to throw him in single sudden motion, etc. 

Uchi Mata - Inside Thigh Throw
Osoto Gari - Major Outer Reaping Throw
Osoto Maki Komi - Major Outer Winding Throw
Osoto Otoshi - Major Outer Rear Drop Throw
Kosoto Gari - Minor Outer Reaping Throw
Kosoto Gake - Minor Outer Breaking Throw
Ouchi Gari - Major Inner Reaping Throw
Kouchi Gari - Minor Inner Reaping Throw
Deashi Harai - Advanced Foot Sweep
Okuri Ashi Harai - Following Foot Sweep
Hiza Guruma - Knee Wheel Throw
Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi - Propping Ankle Throw
Harai Tsuri Komi Ashi - Lift Pull Foot Sweep
Uchi Maki Komi - Inner Winding Throw
Soto Maki Komi - Outer Winding Throw
Hane Goshi Gaeshi - Springing Hip Counter
Harai Goshi Gaeshi - Sweeping Hip Counter
Harai Tsuri Komi Ashi - Sweeping Lifting Foot
O Guruma - Major Wheel
Osoto Gaeshi - Major Inner Reap Counter
Osoto Guruma - Major Outer Wheel
Ouchi Gaeshi - Major Inner Reap Counter
Tsubame Gaeshi - Swallow Counter
Uchimata Gaeshi - Inner Thigh Counter

                          Tori & Uke

Sutemi Waza - Sacrifice Techniques

"Sute mi waza" (Sacrifice techniques) are part of the "Nage waza" (Throwing techniques) category, and consist of Tori (Player executing technique) wrapping Uke (Player receiving opponent's attack) body around his own and falling together with him. "Sute mi waza" (Sacrifice techniques) are further divided into the "Ma sutemi waza" (Supine sacrifice techniques) and "Yoko sutemi waza" (Side sacrifice techniques) groups.

1. Ma Sutemi Waza - Rear Sacrifice Techniques

Tomoe Nage - Somersault or Stomach Throw
Hiki Komi Gaeshi - Pull Down Reversal
Sumi Gaeshi - Corner Throw
Tawara Gaeshi - Rice Bag Reversal
Ura Nage - Rear Throw

2. Yoko Sutemi Waza - Side Sacrifice Techniques

Yoko Tomoe Nage - Side Entry Somersault or Stomach Throw
Daki Wakare - Embrace Seperation
Hane Maki Komi - Winding Spring Hip Throw
Harai Maki Komi - Winding Hip Sweep Throw
Kouchi Maki Komi - Small Inner Reap Winding
Osoto Maki Komi - Major Outer Reap Winding
Soto Maki Komi - Outer Wrap Around Throw
Tani Otoshi - Valley Drop
Uchi Maki Komi - Inner Winding Throw
Uchi Mata Maki Komi - Inner Thigh Winding Throw
Uki Waza - Floating Throw
Yoko Gake - Side Body Drop
Yoko Guruma - Side Wheel
Yoko Otoshi - Side Drop
Yoko Wakare - Side Seperation
Kawazu Gake - One leg Entanglement Drop *Dangerous Technique (This is a prohibited Waza) 
Kani Basami - Scissor Throw *Dangerous Technique (This is a prohibited Waza) 

Katame WazaGrappling Techniques

"Katame-waza" (Grappling techniques) refers to the "Ne waza" (Ground techniques) which are applied while the opponent is lying on the floor, as opposed to "Tachi-waza" (Standing techniques)  which are applied from a standing posture. The "Ne waza" (Ground techniques) consist of "Kansetsu waza" (Joint locks) , "Shime waza" (Strangling techniques), and "Osae komi waza" (Hold-down techniques).

The Kodokan "Katame-waza" (Grappling techniques) include 7 Osae komi waza (Hold-down techniques), 12 Shime waza (Strangling techniques), and 10 Kansetsu waza (Joint locks). Joint lock techniques other than the elbow joint lock will draw a penalty, and the Ashi-garami (Entangled leg lock) is prohibited due to the risk of knee injuries.

The following "Shime waza" (Strangling techniques) are prohibited: a strangle applied to any part of the body other than the neck, a strangle applied directly with the fingers, a strangle which is performed by wringing the belt or the uniform, and a Do-jime (Body Scissors) . There are regulations regarding junior age groups for Kansetsu waza (Joint locks) and the Shime Waza (Strangling techniques) 

1. Shime Waza: Strangling Techniques

Shime waza (Strangling techniques)

Nami Juji Jime - Normal cross strangle
Gyaku Juji Jime - Reverse cross strangle
Kata Juji Jime  - Half cross strangle
Hadaka Jime  - Naked strangle
Okuri eri Jime  - Sliding collar strangle
Kataha Jime - Half Cross Strangle
Sode Guruma Jime - Sleeve Wheel Strangle
Kata Te Jime - One Hand Strangle
Ryo Te Jime - Two Hands Strangle
Tsukkomi Jime - Thursting Strangle
Sankaku Jime - Naked Strangle
Do Jime - Body Scissors *Dangerous Technique (This is a prohibited Waza)

2. Kansetsu Waza: Joint Locks

"Kansetsu waza" (Joint locks) consist of using one's own legs, arms, and knees, etc., to grasp the opponent's joint (elbow, knee, etc.), and bend it in the reverse direction to lock the joint, thereby rendering him virtually helpless.

Ude garami - Entangled Arm lock
Juji gatame - Cross Lock
Ude Gatame - Arm Lock
Hiza Gatame - Knee lock
Wake Gatame - Armpit lock
Hara Gatame - Stomach lock
Ashi Gatame - Leg lock
Te Gatame - Hand lock
Sankaku Gatame - Triangular lock
Ashi Garami - Entangled leg Lock *Dangerous Technique (This is a prohibited Waza)

3. Osaekomi Waza: - Hold-down Techniques

"Osae komi waza" (Hold-down techniques) is one of "Katame-waza" (grappling techniques) (Ne waza [Ground techniques]), and consists of covering the opponent with your body, etc., to prevent him from escaping.

Kesa Gatame - Cross Chest Holding
Kuzure Kesa Gatame - Modified Cross Chest Holding
Ushiro Kesa Gatame - Backward Cross Chest Holding
Makura Kesa Gatame - Pillow Cross Chest Holding
Kata Gatame - Shoulder Holding
Kami Shiho Gatame - Upper Four Corner Holding
Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame - Modified Upper Four Corner Holding
Yoko Shiho Gatame - Side Four Corner Holding
Kuzure Yoko Shiho Gatame - Modified Side Four Corner Holding
Tate Shiho Gatame - Vertical Four Corner Holding

"Kinshi Waza - Forbidden Techniques"

Ashi Garami - (Entangled Leg Lock) "This is a prohibited Waza"

In the "Ashi-garami" (Entangled leg lock) Waza, Tori (Player executing technique) clasps both his legs around one of Uke (Player receiving opponent's attack) legs, and twists the leg to lock the knee joint.

Do Jime - (Body Squeeze or Body scissors) "This is a prohibited Waza"

In the "Do-jime" (Body scissors) Waza, Tori (Player executing technique) scissors the opponent's torso between both legs to strangle him.

Kani Basame - (Scissor Throw) "This is a prohibited Waza"

The "Kani-basami" (Scissors throw) consists of scissoring the opponent's upper body between your legs and toppling him in the backward direction.

Kawazu Gake - (One-leg entanglement drop) "This is a prohibited Waza"
The "Kawazu-gake" (One-leg entanglement drop) Waza consists of coiling your leg around the opponent's leg, pulling him in the backward direction, then using your own body weight to topple him backwards.


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