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Highlights - [The first day of qualifying, digest] Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2016

Published on Dec 1, 2016
International competition of judo after the Olympics and world championships. Star Olympic star candidates will sharpen their pace with the world's strongest players!

Judo Grand Slam Tokyo 2016
TV Tokyo series in every day relay!

The first day of the competition: 2016 December 2 (Friday) by 5 hour 55 minutes to
class: the men's 60kg class / 66kg class | Women's 48kg / 52kg class / 57kg class

tournament Day 2: 2016 December 3 (Sat) evening 4 pm 35 minutes to
class: the men's 73kg class / 81kg class | Women's 63kg / 70kg class

tournament day 3: 2016, December 4, (Sunday) evening 4 pm 35 minutes to
class: the men's 90kg class / 100kg class / 100kg than class | Women's 78kg class / 78kg more than the class

of the qualifying and some game of the repechage, in addition to TV Tokyo home, and live delivery at the following 3 platforms. "Can not wait until the broadcast!" For the viewers, please enjoy live broadcasting as well.

MORE DAY-1 info see blogs on main page, Click on link below...

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