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WORLD JUDO DAY 2013: Takes Place on Jigoro Kanos Birthday October 28th Every Year... "PERSEVERANCE"

The IJF Unveils 2013 WJD Theme: PERSEVERANCE

Previous themes were JUDO FOR ALL (2012) and RESPECT (2011) for the day which is dedicated to coaches, fans, judoka and everyone with a passion for one of the world’s most widely practiced sport.The World Judo Day takes place on the same date every year as 28 October is the birthday of Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo.Today, more than 20 million people practice judo around the world on a daily basis. The IJF has 200 national member federations and five continental unions.

The World Judo Day is our showcase of the sport’s values and our spirit as judo is more than a sport. Judo is an educational tool that can help people to live together and to respect one another. Our objective is to increase the number of judo players around the world and to help change people’s lives with the power of judo.

Mr. Marius Vizer, IJF President, said: “Dear judoka and judo lovers, with the occasion of the World Judo Day I ask all judoka and judo communities in the world to follow, defend and promote the Olympic spirit and values which are also the values of our sport. I ask for unity and solidarity and through the energy and spirit of judo we can increase our community and build a better world.”

Following on the success of the first edition, the 2012 World Judo Day was a worldwide movement as the judo family showed their unparalleled passion for the sport and its values.

The World Judo Day is an opportunity for judo lovers to share experiences and promote the sport in their region with activities such as demonstrations, competitions, inter-club training sessions and taster sessions. A communications tool kit (press releases, posters, banners, flyers) will soon be available on the official website (www.worldjudoday.com) that you will be able to use freely to promote your own event.

This website is the main communication tool that we will use to promote all the activities throughout the world. Please send us your pictures and comments about your own event and we will share it with the whole judo community. (press@ijf.org)

     "World Judo Day 2013 - Perseverance"

                      "NEVER GIVE UP"

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Definitions of PERSEVERANCE


Mr. Wilfried Lemke, Advisor on Sport for Development and Peace, United Nations Office on Sport for  Development and Peace (UNOSDP)

Martial arts like Judo Have the Unique Ability to attune mental strength by Promoting calmness, directness and  perseverance. Enhancing mental strength through sports can aid in the decision making process in everyday life  and the fulfilment of personal objectives. 


 Yarden Gerbi (ISR) – 2013 World Champion
 I think without perseverance you can't succeed in judo. For example I was working for a long time on a specific  technique. I felt it was really good but I had never used it in a fight. I kept working on it and one year it took me till I  used it during a competition. Without perseverance I don't think it's possible to succeed for a long time in judo, or in  your job, studies, or any other goal in your life. Even when it's hard, it is perseverance which helps you reach what  you really want.

Loic Pietri (FRA) – 2013 World Champion
I think that perseverance is the first quality of all champions.

Kayla Harrison (USA) – London 2012 Olympic Champion 
I think perseverance is a huge part of judo. There will always be ups and downs in every career but a champion is defined by those who persevere through the challenges. A champion is someone who does not give up. And judo teaches that and allows us to apply that in all areas of our life.

Antoine Valois-Fortier (CAN) – London 2012 Olympic bronze medallist
For me perseverance is to be able to cope with disappointments. Everyone faces deceptions one day or another, the important thing is not to be defeated! Defeats are necessary for learning to know who you are. Perseverance is a very important quality to be able to stand up again and come back stronger! It is the little speech my dad gave me as a young man!

Miryam Roper (GER) – 2013 World Championship bronze medallist
Perseverance means never give up chasing your dreams. Life isn’t always easy. From time to time you face obstacles, setbacks or even failure. These are the times you need perseverance. But once you've overcome those difficulties and you then achieve your goal the success feels even better because you've earned it.

In judo perseverance is essential. For once you are never done. You've never learnt everything. There is always something to master. Perfection is not a state of mind but a steady progress. Also, in judo perseverance pays off. At least for me. Judo has always been my passion but only my persistence, sometimes stubborn ambition to improve has brought me where I am now, a World medallist at the age of 31. It definitively took me longer than most others, but here I am. I didn’t give up, I followed my heart and I keep working hard to chase my dream of becoming Olympic Champion.

Gevrise Emane (FRA) – 2013 World Championship bronze medallist
Perseverance for me is the essence of judo. To fall down and to get up: that's what we all do in judo! Do not let go, do not admit defeat has been and remains my motto whether on or off the mat.

And nothing to do with misplaced stubbornness, but just the desire to give my best to go to the end of myself, to ultimately be able to look me in the eye!

Taciana Lima-Balde (GBS) – 2013 African Champion
Perseverance is seen in our daily of training, therefore whoever grits one's teeth until the end reaches the victory. Judo teaches us that we need to learn to fall and to rise again and we take this for all the aspects of our life.


Katherine Campos (BRA) – 2013 World Team Championship silver medallist 
Perseverance is very important in judo because all the time in judo we suffer wins and losses, we need to move forwards and never give up. Those who persevere will succeed.


Dieudonne Dolassem (CMR) - IJF Athletes Commission
Perseverance for me it is a word that characterizes everyone in what he/she undertakes with insistence and faith as a project in life especially in a hostile environment.

In the framework of judo, it characterizes a state of mind, a commitment and sacrifices which are going together in order to achieve ones goals by overcoming the obstacles on the path to success. There is also a word in the moral code that's akin to perseverance and this is COURAGE.

Matt D’Aquino (AUS) – Oceania Education Commissioner and Olympian 
Perseverance is a vital part of a successful judoka due to the fact that in order to succeed you must persevere through tough training sessions, pain, losses, dieting and the highs and lows of competing.  

Leadership, teamwork, perseverance, discipline and grit.  Who knew, as children playing games in the schoolyard, that we were gaining attributes that would guide us through life?  Athletes have known it all along. So it is fitting that this year’s theme for the World Judo Day is PERSEVERANCE.

Barbara Harel (FRA) – Former two-time European Champion 
Perseverance means going after your dreams! Setting goals and making every effort possible to achieve them. In defeat we must draw lessons for the future! It is important not to get demoralised or to lose hope despite the failures! Judo is a tough sport that requires a lot of sacrifices but when you manage a good result it's worth the effort!

Estony Hattingh – President of Botswana Judo Federation and African Judo Union Head Communications Director

As President of the Botswana Judo Federation, I have been toying with ideas for this year’s event, which will make a lasting impact not only on the judo family but also to the public in general and I started reflecting on the word perseverance.  

As a female leader in the sporting world, I was reflecting on what it takes to be a leader in today’s life and the meaning of perseverance, "continued steady belief or efforts, withstanding discouragement or difficulty; persistence". I realised that this is such a relevant word, not only on the tatami and as a leader but also in our daily lives. 

My own perseverance in adverse times during my leadership roles in sport, was attested to at the recent IJF Congress in Rio, when I was awarded the IOC Woman and Sport Achievement Diploma.

We all face difficulties and adversities in life no matter how big or small, often times we feel like throwing in the towel and that is when perseverance kicks in. If the road is easy and free of bumps, you’re likely going the wrong way. The bumps in the road teach you what you need to know to progress down a path that is all your own. Sometimes things have to go wrong in order to go right. Sometimes you need to change a flat tyre or two before you can move on. Your journey isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be worth it. To never struggle or face adversity is to never grow. There is no perfectly smooth road to anyplace worth going.

It’s these types of hurdles that hit you and you got to somehow overcome it. Those big ones are the ones that can make you a stronger person and can be life-changing when all is said and done. No matter what life throws at you, remember perseverance and the right attitude will get you through anything.


Definitions of PERSEVERANCE from judo fans on the IJF Facebook page:

Shino Wilberg
20 years of practise and I’m still working on my uchi-mata.

Richard van Schelven
Start at 50 and first Dan by 55. I am on my way.

Tommy Andre Jacobsen
When sweat is dripping from your nose-tip and the pressure of your opponent is very present, and you take all your speed and strength and not least motivation to win. And just go perfectly "back to basic" and win that match with a perfect throw or good ne-waza technique.

Diego Martin Guzman
Stand up each time that I fall, En español seria "Levantarme cada vez que caiga"

Shin Sung Yee
Learning more techniques and having discipline.

Sylvain Galibert
"Difficulty and delay in achieving success" are pretty much a given in judo, so I'll go with "steadfastness".

Joel Moreno Lazarte
Constancy in the pursuit to overcome their own limits in any aspect as judoka without surrender to the pain and/or the time.

Martine Filiptchenko
Achieving your goal without effort means you did not set yourself the right goal. Where’s the fun? Only a goal that will take you through a long and painful journey will help you discover yourself and overcome your weaknesses. So perseverance is understanding that the road to achieve a difficult goal might be long and full of difficult turns, but will help you become a better person, and is therefore always worth it.

Mark Anthony Savelio
Perseverance is determination to never give up and the willingness to success.

Maxwell Kissiedu
Till the last end means never give up

Manny Foto Finisher
I can. I must. I will.

Diego Petroni
Perseverance is having faith in ourselves!

OC Judo
Marti Malloy. Won a World Medal at her fifth World Championships. They say if at first you don't succeed; try, try, again. Marti tried, tried, tried, tried, tried again and came away with a silver medal.

Click on the image to download the 2013 diploma (PDF format)

SOURCE: worldjudoday.com

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