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Masaya Shimokusu, World Judo Championships Tokyo 2010 Official -

World Judo Championships Tokyo 2010 is drawn attention in various ways:
it returns to Tokyo after 52 years have passed since the last time; two
competitors for each country are allowed to join this competition;
several rules are modifies to intend to return to the original
philosophy of judo; and the Japanese squads are expected to achieve
their 100th gold medal of World Judo Championships—they had got 97
before this tournament started). On the first day, the competitions of
Men's over 100kg, -100kg, Women's over 78kg and -78kg weight categories
were held. Focusing on Japanese athletes, I will show you Day 1 of the

*As for the details of the results and official general overview of the
day, visit IJF website.

Men's -100kg
Young hope Kaihan Takagi fought hard and well with Naidan (MGL) at the
second round, but lost in overtime. Takamasa Anai smoothly got
through the preliminary round; especially at the match of the second
round, he won in 5 seconds with Okuriashi-barai. At the semifinal, he
was thrown and gave Yuko up, but compensated the lost point with two
Shido, and he won in overtime by Waza-ari of Uchimata. Just before the
final, Anai was directly encouraged by Japanese squad head coach
Sinnichi Shinohara. He beat Grol (NED) with two Shido, and at last won
the World Championship.

Men's +100kg
Keiji Suzuki was unexpectedly beaten at the first round; Wojnarowicz
(POL) stirringly threw Suzuki with Kouchigake. Kazuhiko Takahashi got
hotter match by match; at the third round, he won by Ippon with the
combination of Harai-makikomi and Kesa-gatame. Takahashi matched up
Riner (FRA), who also had had a good day, at the semifinal. They fought
hard, and Riner beat Takahashi in overtime. Takahashi was also beaten
at the match for bronze. The winner of the tournament was Riner.

Women's -78kg
Akari Ogata reached the third round, but was beaten there. Tomomi
Okamura was also out at the first round. Ogata, however, got through
the repechage by winning the match with Sankaku-jime. At the fight for
bronze, Okada was taken some points in the early stage of the match by
Wollert (GER), but she threw Wollort by Uchimata and got the bronze.
The winner of this weight category was Kayla Harrison (USA). She won
the final in overtime by the Yuko of Ippon-seoinage.

Women's +78kg
Maki Tsukada did not have any easy fights at the early rounds, but her
experience and skills allowed her to get through the preliminary round.
On the other hand, Mika Sugimoto showed her splendid throwing
techniques; her consecutive Ippon winnings let her arrive at the
semi-final. Tsukada was beaten by Qin (CHN) at the semi-final, but she
threw another Chinese delegate, Liu Huanyuan, with Osoto-gari. Thus,
Tsukada got a bronze medal. As a result, Sugimoto fought with Qin who
had beaten Sugimoto's long-time domestic rival, Tsukada. Sugimoto was
in a good condition; she could not throw Qin, but never let her
aggressive. Qin was announced her Hansoku-make. Sugimoto won the World
Championship at her first trial.

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