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Masaya Shimokusu, World Judo Championships 2010 Tokyo Official -

World Judo Championships has returned to Tokyo, spiritual home for judo.
On the first day of the competition, many ippon winnings by "pure"
judo techniques were shown at the fighting venue, and so as on the
second day. On the other hand, the stadium was filled with a variety of
cheers, hisses and boos; its atmosphere was really global and
multicultural. On the Day 2, the bouts of the following weight
categories were taken place: Men's -90kg, -81kg and Women's -70kg.

Yesterday, the Japanese squad got two gold medals which are their 98th
and 99th in the history of World Judo Championships. On the Day 2, the
Japanese audience expected to see Japan's 100th gold medal, but at the
end of the day, Japan was still one-gold shy of their 100.

* As for the details of the results and official reports of the competition, visit IJF website.

Men's -90 kg
As ranking No. 1 Takashi Ono was eliminated, most of the top rankers
disappeared in the preliminary rounds. The 19-year-old Daiki Nishiyama
reached the final. At the final, the Japanese audience cheered
Nishiyama up, but the winner was Ilias Iliadis (GRE). He threw
Nishiyama by Haraimakikomi in overtime. Two bronze medalists of this
weight category were Kirill Denisov (RUS) and Elkhan Mammadov (AZE).

Men's -81kg
The veteran of the Japanese squad, Masahiro Takamatsu, had not shown
good performances at the former two World Judo Championships in his
-73kg days, but at last received the concrete result of his fight: a
bronze medal. Kim Joe-bum (KOR) and Leandro Guilheiro (BRA) had a hard
fight at the final. Kim won by Ouchigari in overtime. Another bronze
medalist was Euan Burton (GBR). Another Japanese, the young Takahiro
Nakai, was defeated in the preliminary rounds.

Women's -70kg
Two Japanese, Yoriko Kunihara and Mina Watanabe, had a showdown at the
quarter final. Kunihara won it, but could not reach the final.
Kunihara secured the bronze medal; Watanabe could not get through the
repechage. At the final, Lucie Decosse (FRA) held Anett Meszaros (HUN)
down by Tateshiho-gatame. Decosse finally blew away the nightmare of
the Beijing Olympic Games. She is the world champion of her weight
category in 2010. Another bronze medalist was Rasa Sraka (SLO).

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