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Masaya Shimokusu, World Judo Championships 2010 Tokyo Official -

It's Sunday. Let's go to see judo. The National Yoyogi Stadium was
much more crowded than on the previous days. Actually, tickets were
sold out. On the Day 4, the bouts of 4 weight categories—Women's -52kg,
-48kg, Men's -66kg and -60kg—were fought. Because in these weight
categories, the Japanese squad boasts many promising athletes, a great
number of Japanese locals gathered up to see them. As they expected,
Japanese judoka fully occupied two finals.

Women's -48kg
The defending champion Tomoko Fukumi had consecutive tough fights, but
reached the final. Another finalist was Haruna Asami also representing
Japan. After getting a point by 2 Shido, young Asami controlled the
fight just like a veteran, and won the title. The Beijing Olympic Games
champion Alina Dumitru (ROU) and Sarah Menezes (BRA) were the bronze
medalists of this weight category.

Women's -52kg
Misato Nakamura and Yuka Nishida have been long-time rivals. They had
fought many times, and they did it again at the final. They knew each
other's techniques, and neither of them could get any point by throw
even in overtime. Nishida's fighting efforts were rewarded by Hantei,
and she became the new champion. Bundmaa Munkhbaatar (MGL) showed a
powerful Ouchigari at the bronze fight. Natalia Kuzyutina (RUS) was
another bronze medalist of this weight category.

Men's -60kg
Rishod Sobirov (UZE) beat Georgii Zantaraia (UKR) by two Wazaari: one
throw and one hold. Sobirov shed tears of championship. Hiroaki
Hiraoka showed great throws at the repechage and bronze fight. Arsen
Galstyan (RUS) also got a bronze medal by Ippon at the bronze fight.
Masaaki Fukuoka (JPN) was eliminated at his first fight.

Men's -66kg
A hero suddenly appears. Junpei Morishita sprang up to the final stage.
The 20-year-old university student threw Leandro Cunha (BRA) by
beautiful Haraigoshi. His winning aroused great excitement and cheers
in the stadium. Tsagaanbaatar Hashbaatar (MGL) pinned down the medal
and opponent at the bronze fight. Loic Korval (FRA) was another bronze
medalist of this weight category. Masashi Ebinuma (JPN) was eliminated
in the preliminary rounds.

For the details of the results and reports of the Day 4, please visit the IJF website.

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