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In the two women's categories that were fighting today, of course everybody knew that the Japanese would be very difficult to beat, but everybody would try to defeat them.

Women's Categories: the Japanese Tsunami

Unfortunately, the four Japanese fighters were just invincible and the Nippon wave rolled in on all the other favorites who disappeared from the competition table one after the other.

The two finals, women's -48 and -52 were therefore fully dominated by the Japanese champions. Knowing each other so well, Tomoko FUKUMI (JPN) and Haruna ASAMI (JPN), in -48, and Misato NAKAMURA (JPN) and Yuka NISHIDA (JPN), in -52, had great difficulties taking an advantage over each other, and in the end, Haruna ASAMI only won by a yuko (2 penalties) and Yuka NISHIDA by referee decision.

The remarkable fact was that, in each final, it was the less well ranked athlete in the World Ranking list who won the match. Behind the unstoppable armada, the spaces on the podium were expensive.

In the women's -48 kg, the experienced Alina Dumitru, after her Olympic title in Beijing 2008, won a beautiful bronze medal here in Tokyo. During the preliminaries, she was dominated by the Frenchwoman, Frédéric Jossinet, until a few seconds before the end of the fight when she was able to find the necessary energy to beat her opponent by ippon. That unexpected victory opened up the path for her to the semifinal. But there she met
the future winner of the category and could not impose her power. In the fight for bronze, she was opposed to the Korean, Chung. After a short period of observation, she began to accelerate and quickly scored a
yuko, followed by 2 waza-ari. Alina's joy was communicative and the entire stadium gave her thunders of applause.

The second bronze medal fight was won by a very young Brazilian. Twice already she has been awarded Junior World Champion, and today, Sarah Menezes won her first major medal on the occasion of a Senior World
Championship, even if she is already quite often present on international podiums. The significant aspect of her win, despite the fact that she competed really well today, was that she took the advantage over silver Olympic medalist, Jossinet, from France. The 14 year age difference between the two competitors looked like a shift
change between the old and the new generation of champions. Coming from a really poor neighborhood located in Terezina (Piauí region, North of Brazil) Sarah is still training in her home city and so far, has never wanted to leave it. In 2008, she took part to the Beijing Summer Olympic Games, even if she was still a junior, and was the first athlete from Terezina ever to compete in the Olympics, all sports included. In 2009, she won the Best Athlete prize awarded by the Brazilian National Olympic Committee.

In the women's -52 kg, the two bronze medals went to Natalia KUZYUTINA, from Russia, and to Bundmaa MUNKHBAATAR, from Mongolia.

Japan and Uzbeksitan walked away with the last two Gold Medals
The light weight categories demonstrated really good judo today in Tokyo. With respectively 69% and 61% of ippon in the -60 kg and -66 kg, thespectators had every good reasons to be happy with the show.

In the men's -60 kg, the frame of mind of Sobirov (UZB), at the end of the competition, could be summarized in three words: exhausted but happy. How would it be possible for the winner of that competition not to be
exhausted when throughout the tournament, he had to fight against so many strong judoka? And what can we say about Georgii ZANTARAIA (UKR), who successively defeated Min-Ho CHOI, Olympic and World Champion,
Ludwig PAISCHER (AUT), Olympic and World silver medalist and Arsen GALSTYAN (RUS), European Champion. But having to fight against World Number One, Sobirov, was too much for him. After a first ippon that was converted into a waza-ari by the referees and with the help of video assistance, the Uzbek kept on attacking with some acrobatic movements. The match finally ended down on the mat with Sobirov immobilizing his opponent. When the referee announced the ippon, he was so exhausted, that he could hardly enjoy his victory. But a few minutes later, a big smile was well visible across his face.

Completing the podium, the two bronze medals were awarded to Arsen GALSTYAN (RUS) and Hiroaki HIRAOKA (JPN).

In the men's -66 kg, the best of the 74 competitors was again Japanese: Junpei MORISHITA, followed by the Brazilian Leandro CUNHA, who took the silver, and by Tsagaanbaatar HASHBAATAR (MGL) and Loic KORVAL (FRA), who walked away with the bronze. As an illustration of what was going on all day long, the competition ended with an impressive ippon scored by Morishita. Japon could enjoy its 8th gold medal.

The Brazilian, who could have been disappointed by his second place finish (most champions want to win) seemed really happy with his performance a few hours after the end of the competition: "I am really proud of what I did today and so proud that people, my family, my coaches, my teammates, put so much confidence in me and that I was able to show to the world that my potential was actually not only a potential but a

Here it is important to highlight the fact that for many years, Leandro CUNHA, coming from a poor environment in the surroundings of Sao-Paulo, was always considered as number 2 in his country, always behind of Guimarães (Bronze medal at the Atlanta Olympic Games) and then behind Derly (two times World Champion in Cairo 2005 and Rio de Janeiro, 2007). At last today, it was Leandro's day, placing second after having lost by ippon against the Japanese: "That's judo, to win or to lose by ippon". At the end of his semifinal, the Brazilian
showed a gesture as if he was rocking a baby. Within a few months, he is going to be a father and that was the way he choose to say it to all of his teammates. Today, the show was great, the emotion was at its highest level and that is how we love judo.

North Korea, member of the Sports Commission
The IJF is pleased to announce that the new member of the Athletes commission was named today on the occasion of the World Judo Championship, Tokyo 2010. Elected by all the other athletes, it is Kum AE AN, from North Korea, who will be the new member of the IJF Athletes Commission.

Live from Tokyo

Nicolas Messner

IJF Media Director
Women's - 48kg

Final result
1. ASAMI, Haruna (JPN)
2. FUKUMI, Tomoko (JPN)
3. DUMITRU, Alina (ROU)
3. MENEZES, Sarah (BRA)

Ranking Name Observations Result
1 Tomoko FUKUMI (JPN)
Won against MENEZES, Sarah (BRA), PARETO, Paula (ARG), PAYET, Laetitia (FRA), MUNKHBAT, Urantsetseg (MGL), BLANCO, Oiana (ESP) - lost in final
2nd Place
2 Haruna ASAMI (JPN)
Won against FUKUMI, Tomoko (JPN), DUMITRU, Alina (ROU), FREITAS, Leandra (POR), WU, Shugen (CHN), LATULIPPE, Isabel (CAN), ROSSENEU, Amelie (BEL)
1st Place
3 Frederic JOSSINET (FRA) Lost against DUMITRU, Alina (ROU) in 1/4 final and against Sarah MENEZES (BRA) in the bronze fight 5th Place
4 Jung-Yeon CHUNG Lost against MENEZES, Sarah (BRA) in 1/4 final 5th Place
5 Sarah MENEZES (BRA) Won against Frederic JOSSINET (FRA), CHUNG, Jung-Yeon (KOR), BOGDANOVA, Liudmila (RUS), CARRILLO, Edna (MEX) 3rd Place
6 Alina DUMITRU (ROU) Won against CHUNG, Jung-Yeon (KOR), JOSSINET, Frederique (FRA), BALJINNYAM, Bat-Erdene (MGL), MOSCATT, Valentina (ITA) 3rd Place
Lost against FREITAS, Leandra (POR)
8 Paula PARETO (ARG)
Lost against FUKUMI, Tomoko (JPN) in 1/4 final
7th Place

Men's - 60kg

Final result
1. SOBIROV, Rishod (UZB)
2. ZANTARAIA, Georgii (UKR)
3. GALSTYAN, Arsen (RUS)
3. HIRAOKA, Hiroaki (JPN)

Ranking Name Observations Result
1 Rishod SOBIROV (UZB) Won against VERDE, Elio (ITA), KHOUSROF, Ali (YEM), JANG, Jin-Min (KOR), GERCHEV, Yanislav (BUL) 1st Place
2 Hiroaki HIRAOKA (JPN) Lost against GALSTYAN, Arsen (RUS) in 1/4 final 3rd Place
3 Georgii ZANTARAIA (UKR) won against PAISCHER, Ludwig (AUT), PAPINASHVILI, Amiran (GEO), ESIMBETOV, Gabit (UZB), PETSING, Sarawut (THA), CHOI, Min-Ho (KOR) 2nd Place
4 Masaaki FUKUOKA (JPN)
Lost against MUDRANOV, Beslan (RUS)
5 Jeroen MOOREN (NED) Lost against ASUMBANI, David (GEO)
6 Ludwig PAISCHER (AUT) Lost against ZANTARAIA, Georgii (UKR) in 1/4 final and HIRAOKA, Hiroaki (JPN) in repechage 7th place
7 Arsen GALSTYAN (RUS) Won against VERDE, Elio (ITA), HIRAOKA, Hiroaki (JPN), MILOUS, Sofiane (FRA), KOSSOR, Nicholas (USA), YANG, Lishuan (CHN) - Lost
against ZANTARAIA, Georgii (UKR) in 1/2 final.
3rd Place
8 Elio VERDE (ITA) Lost against OBIROV, Rishod (UZB) in 1/4 final 5th Place

Women's - 52kg

Final result
1. NISHIDA, Yuka (JPN)
2. NAKAMURA, Misato (JPN)
3. KUZYUTINA, Natalia (RUS)

Ranking Name Observations Result
Won against ZHANG, Lichuan (CHN), KIM, Kyung-Ok (KOR), HOU, Hua-Hsuan (TPE)
2nd place
2 Natalia KUZYUTINA (RUS) Won against TARANGUL, Romy (GER), KALIYEVA, Sholpan (KAZ), CHERVONSKY, Sonya (AUS), SADMAROENG, Sureerat (THA) 3rd Place
3 Yuka NISHIDA (JPN) Won RAMOS, Joana (POR), MULLER, Marie (LUX), NAREKS, Petra (SLO), LIEN, Pei-Ju (TPE) 1st Place
4 Ana CARRASCOSA (ESP) Lost against MUNKHBAATAR, Bundmaa (MGL)
5 Laura GOMEZ (ESP)
Lost against MIRANDA, Erika (BRA)
6 Joana RAMOS (POR) Lost against NISHIDA, Yuka (JPN) in 1/4 final and against TARANGUL, Romy (GER) in repechage 7th Place
7 Romy TARANGUL (GER) Lost against KUZYUTINA, Natalia (RUS) in 1/4 final and against MUNKHBAATAR, Bundmaa (MGL) in repechage 5th Place
8 Yanet BERMOY (CUB) Lost against ZHANG, Lichuan (CHN)

Men's - 66kg
Final result
1. MORISHITA, Junpei (JPN)
2. CUNHA, Leandro (BRA)
3. HASHBAATAR, Tsagaanbaatar (MGL)
3. KORVAL, Loic (FRA)

Ranking Name Observations Result
1 Tsagaanbaatar HASHBAATAR (MGL) Lost against MORISHITA, Junpei (JPN) in 1/4 final 1st Place
Lost against URIARTE, Sugoi (ESP) in 1/4 final and against FARMONOV, Mirzahid (UZB) in repechage
7th Place
3 Miyaragchaa SANJAASUREN (MGL)
Lost against MITTERFELLNER, Andreas (AUT)
4 Joo-Jin KIM (KOR) Lost against KORVAL, Loic (FRA)
5 Miklos UNGVARI (HUN)
Lost against KORVAL, Loic (FRA)
6 Masashi EBINUMA (JPN) Lost against CUNHA, Leandro (BRA)
Won against GADANOV, Alim (RUS), POPIEL, Michal (CAN), ZAGRODNIK, Pawel (POL), AL-KABZARI, Waleed (YEM) - Lost against HASHBAATAR, Tsagaanbaatar
5th Place
8 Musa MOGUSHKOV (RUS) Lost against MORISHITA, Junpei (JPN)

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