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Tsujimoto happy with silver but was never ranked number 10 in Japan

The statement 'at one stage was the number 10 ranked fighter in Japan' is incorrect. I am writing this because I don't want other Judo ka to misunderstand me.


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Comment by Toshi on October 21, 2011 at 8:04pm

Hello Richie, thanks for your comment. I am from Japan.

I fought  at under 73 kg. I am not a great Judo ka.

I hope you will visit Japan and can find the great Judo ka.

I really think they will fascinate you.

Old Toshi

Comment by Richie Endow on October 18, 2011 at 8:54am

What country is Tsujimoto sensei from?  And what weight does he fight at?


Sounds like a great judoka!


Thanks for sharing.



Comment by jt_development on August 22, 2011 at 7:53pm
PAN PACIFIC MASTERS GAMES: Tsujimoto happy with silver

"Thank you Toshi for correcting this part of the article that we got from an Australian news source, we will delete that portion of the article in the main blog."


Congratulations on your Pan Pacific Masters Games Silver Medal!



James Perkins | 30th November 2010

Toshi Tsujimoto won a silver medal at the Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast.

MURWILLUMBAH fighter Toshi Tsujimoto overcame injury to win a martial arts silver medal at the recent Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast.

The 58-year-old disciple of judo improved upon his last effort at the Masters Games in 2006 when where he secured bronze in the middleweight division.

This year Tsujimoto competed in the 50-69 years lightweight category and came up against former Australian judo champion Steve Potter in the gold medal fight.

While he didn’t take the gold, he achieved his goal of improving on his 2006 performance.

“In 08 I was injured and wasn’t able to get the silver, but this time I got the silver and I am happy,” he said.

Tsujimoto admits his body isn’t what it used to be, but he is keen to try and go one better in two years time.

“I am getting older and have injured many parts of my body,” he said.

“My body is a bit like a second-hand car, so it makes it hard to fight.

“If I can fight properly, I will go again.”

Tsujimoto has competed in judo since he was a teenager and at one stage was the number 10 ranked fighter in Japan.


Click on link for full article: http://judotalk.com/profiles/blogs/pan-pacific-masters-games

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