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ANTON GEESINK: a "Giant" Has Just Passed Away 2010.08.28

International Judo Federation

Dear Judo Family,
It it with immense sorrow that we must announce to you the passing away of Anton Geesink at the age of 76.
We want to address our deepest condolences to his wife, his two daughters and one son, as well as the rest of his relatives, and to the entire judo family, seeing as Mr. Geesink fully dedicated his life to Judo and to Sports in
Today, Judo is a universal activity, thanks to the "way of education" that Jigoro Kano created at the end of the 19th century. But, for sure, it would not have been possible if, first of all, Anton Geesink had not been the great
champion that he was and secondly, he had not become such a fantastic ambassador
during and after his sports career.
Everybody will remember the gigantic stature of this Dutch figure whose size was equivalent to his kindness. He was born in April 1934, in Utrecht, and became World Champion for the first time in Paris in 1961, then Olympic Champion
in Tokyo in 1964, and again World Champion in Rio in 1965; all of his titles
being won in the open category. Besides being the first non-Japanese to win a
worldwide title, he also gained 21 European Titles and 17 national titles in the
A member of the International Olympic Committee since 1987, Anton Geesink never stopped fighting for the development of sport throughout the world.
It is certain that the disappearance of 10th dan Anton Geesink (attributed in October 1997) will create an unbelievable void inside and outside of our judo Community.
As a sign of destiny, the up-coming Judo World Championship will take place in Tokyo, where Anton Geesink was awarded Olympic Champion. The entire judo family will pay an outstanding tribute to him. May the spirit of Anton Gessink
be present for years to come in our community and beyond.

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