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Education & Coaching Commission

Forty-one coaches have taken part to an advanced technical course organized by the Syrian Judo Federation.

Hiromi TOMITA, an IJF expert from Japan, conducted the coaching activity, which was held in Damascus from 7th-19th October 2010. The training session was rather directed to practical aspects.

A good part of the programme was dedicated to the following techniques:

-Ashi waza

-Kumi kata – Ashi waza

-Koshi waza

-Te waza

-Osaekomi waza

-Cansetsu waza

The lecture focused of how to combine the different techniques when fighting and how to counter attack.

Besides the 38 male and 3 female coaches present at this course, there was a good participation of the national teams who were eager to improve their techniques.

Mr TOMITA stated that the participants were very interested and motivated to acquire more informations and techniques to develop judo in Syria.

A practical examination was scheduled at the end of the course. Certificates were distributed to all the participants. However, the expert stressed the importance that the coaches and competitors require and need more contact and experience through international competition and seminars..

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