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Ryan Reser: Texas-born American Champion and 2008 Olympian

Ryan was introduced to judo at the age of five by parents who were looking to keep Ryan and his siblings out of trouble. By age 7 Ryan was competing in national events and ultimately chose to narrow his sports away from other sports and toward judo with the ultimate goal of competing in the Olympic Games. "My experiences have given me the goal of being America 's first Olympic gold medalist in judo. This is what has driven me to the place that I am today," Ryan says. "I love judo and even though I sacrificed a lot to chase my dream, I have also gained a lot and wouldn't give that up for the world."

Olympic Teams: 2008, Alternate in 2004 and 2000
World Championship Teams: 2007, 2005
Pan American Games Teams: 2007 (Gold)
Pan American Championships Teams: 2008 (Fifth), 2007 (Gold), 2006, 2005 (Gold)

Information from Menomonee Judo Club - 1535 North Dayton, Chicago, IL 60622

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