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Mayo Quanchi Judo: Local girl working towards Olympic judo!!!


              Mercedes Faust has her eye on the gold for 2016

(WPRI) -- When most young girls think about playing a sport it may be soccer, softball or basketball. But Rhode Show Host Will Gilbert met up with one girl who passed on all of those, and is now dreaming about gold in 2016.

Getting knocked around on a judo mat is not how many girls spend their afternoons, but Mercedes Faust isn't just any girl,

"At first I was doing karate, and I couldn't expand myself because it was too little of a sport for me," she said. "My nephew Josiah got me into judo and it just started from there.” 

Serge Bouyssou, owner of Mayo Quanchi Judo and Wrestling in West Warwick, said she's dedicated to the sport.

“The most important thing is when you're looking at a kid is number one, their willingness to want to train, their desire," he said. "You can teach people judo or wrestling, but you can’t teach them to want it."

Faust has goals that have paid off with a trip to France to join the judo team, but as she told us, the competition and language became issues for her.

"It's not as intense as the as the American training, but it was still good," she added. "The girls there are very tough to compete with, and it was hard interacting because I couldn't speak French, but it was still a good experience for me."

The sport of judo is starting to catch on in the U.S.

"I think the rush is the best part," Faust said. "Throughout the whole thing like I think working on the mat just gives me this feeling that it's amazing, like knowing that you can win on top of the podium at the end is just the best feeling." 

Thousands of people dream about going to the Olympics, and she's working on making it a reality.


"That's my main goal in life so far," added Faust. "I train on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and the actual competition season I train on Thursdays too. I train two hours a day during training season, throughout the summer I usually train every day. ” 

Family and friends have no doubt she will do it!!!

“They think it's a huge deal," she said. "They think it's amazing how my goal is to go to the Olympics because their goals aren't that huge, so they think it's pretty good."

Quanchi Judo and Wresting Club in West Warwick helps hundreds of kids throughout the state, keeping many on the right path in life. They're also working to raise money for the team to travel to Europe to compete. 


If you want more information about how you can help out:

 CLICK HERE: Mayo Quanci Judo and Wrestling Club's website

SOURCE: wpri.com

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