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JUDO NEWS: Migration of judokas to other sports would represent spiritual contamination, says IJF President

Monday, 24 November 2014

By Emily Goddard

Marius Vizer, President of the International Judo Federation (IJF), has warned that the migration of judokas to other sports and disciplines would represent a spiritual contamination of the sport.

He spoke of the dangers of losing athletes to other sports after National Federations and clubs have put in extensive investment to develop judokas and said that these investments "must be preserved" to keep the sport moving forward, particularly during a time of reform.

Vizer, also the President of SportAccord, also highlighted the sport's position in the Olympic Games and the desire to have a team event in the judo competition at Tokyo 2020.

"All our achievements, as well as our objective to have the team event for the first time in Tokyo 2020, strengthens our conviction that we must maintain our sport in a homogenous, unitary, clean and integral community, in order to achieve all our other objectives for the following period," he said.

"Judo wishes to preserve its heritage.


"It is important to remember that when wrestling was temporarily removed from the Olympic programme, one of the reasons was also the fact that this sport associated with and integrated also other combat disciplines incompatible with the educational values of sport."

                               Marius Vizer said judo wishes to preserve its heritage ©Getty Images

Vizer's comments follow a notice that was distributed to inform clubs that ranked judokas cannot participate in international competitions for other combat sports without prior authorisation from the IJF.

He insisted, however, that judo does not exclude collaboration and partnership with other combat sports disciplines, but he said they must be implemented "within the limits of mutual advantages and without the migration of athletes from one community to the other".

"The migration of athletes to several sports would only represent a spiritual contamination of our sport once these athletes come back to judo, a sport whose spirit and values were acquired and transmitted through generations, from Jigoro Kano onwards," he added.

"We should not forget the history of judo and the merits of all the heroes and legends of our sport.

"I consider freedom to be one of the supreme values of humanity but we should not forget that before freedom, honour and loyalty are primary values of any community or generation.

"The principles and values of our sport are more than enough for individual perfection, on a sports level as well as on the formational level for society.

"The values of our sport, together with the honour and loyalty to judo mean a lot more than a few extra dollars for which we could sell our identity and than a bleeding on inhuman face on various podiums of other sports that never made any efforts for the education and sports preparation of the athletes involved.
"I can reassure you that the IJF decisions always serve the interests of our sport and our athletes, as well as preserving and developing continuously the values of judo and the welfare and integrity of our community."

SOURCE: insidethegames.biz

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Comment by Peter Boylan on December 3, 2014 at 5:51am

I think it would only represent a contamination if you think judo is a mere sport, and not a form of budo.  Kano Shihan established Kodokan Judo by having judoka participate in numerous taryu jiai (inter art competitions). Sometimes Judo won, sometimes it lost.  When Judo lost consistently to Fuse Ryu, Kano Shihan invited the head of Fuse Ryu to teach newaza at the Kodokan. Soon Judo was winning on the ground as well as standing.  Judo is a martial art, not a sport.  If it can't survive open challenges, it doesn't deserve to survive.

Comment by Gerald Hebert on December 3, 2014 at 4:55am

Marius Vizer, President of the International Judo Federation (IJF), has warned that the migration of judokas to other sports and disciplines would represent a spiritual contamination of the sport.

Exactly my feelings also....gh

Comment by Gerald Hebert on December 3, 2014 at 4:51am

ummmm........don't think I will be your uke....for Kime No Kata.

About Hector Lombard; just google his name and you will not forget him. I only watch UFC when he is fighting.  I really want to see him and George St. Pierre inside the octagon as Lombard removes his champion's crown from his head with one of his spectacular punches.

Comment by Peter Boylan on December 2, 2014 at 7:57pm

I don't know Hector Lombard, but I'm surprised you say punching and kicking is against the principles of Judo.  I was teaching the Kime No Kata last night, and it includes a number of punches and kicks. Not to mention all the strikes in the other kata.

Comment by Gerald Hebert on December 2, 2014 at 8:41am

One excellent Judoka that left his Olympic team and crossed to MMA is Hector Lombard from Cuba. He has done exceedingly well in MMA (UFC) plus made lots of $$$.  He is still fighting and brings in a lot of $$$ whenever he does fight. He is a champion in the MMA circuit.  However, I cannot see him coming into a Kodokan Judo club anywhere to train; as I believe that he has lost Prof. Kano's teachings regarding Mutual Welfare and Benefit.  Also, punching and kicking people or in any way attempting to maim or cause injury on purpose is not tolerated and is strictly against the principles of Judo. However, I think he would be welcomed to train in any Police Keisho Dojo in Tokyo

Comment by Peter Boylan on November 25, 2014 at 5:39pm

I'm all for getting Judo out of the Olympics.  I think the focus on the Olympics causes much of what makes Judo truly great to be ignored in favor of getting medals.

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