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Judo Chop Suey Podcast episode 9 - Self Defense in Judo and How 80’s Movies Influenced Me

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On this episode of the Judo Chop Suey podcast I read listener reaction from the last podcast, talk about my favorite martial arts movies, and how these movies cultivated an interest of wanting to learn a martial art for self-defense. I also talk about why I eventually chose Judo over other martial arts. Below is a show outline with timestamps listed:

* Three adults visited my Judo club (6:04).
* The Paris Grand Slam, The Most Social Event In IJF History (Whatever that means?), is in one week (10:56).
* Listener email and reaction segment (14:42).
* How the movies of the 80's and 90's cultivated an interest for me to learn self-defense (40:16).
* Wado-Ryu karate, UFC 1, and how I thought my knife hand strike was awesome (49:50).
* My first exposure to Gracie Jiu Jitsu from my friend (53:00).
* My first experience at a reputable BJJ club and why I didn't think it was a viable self-defense martial art at the time (54:23).
* Love at first sight....for Judo (58:37).
* Lack of self-defense taught at Judo. It was more sport oriented than my first exposure in BJJ (1:02:28).
* Judo Dave Roman pumps the brakes on his stance regarding leg grabs (1:09:41).

Twitter: @lavidajudoka

Facebook: Judo Chop Suey

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBw3HuG7H5xr1ACr38S_njA

Opening Music: Blade by Kynetic

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