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JUDO LEGEND: [-48kg] Judo champ Karen Briggs (GBR) is one the most exciting non-stop judokas to ever step on the tatami


Judo legend Karen Briggs: How many times does Karen need to score ippon in one fight to win?

Karen Briggs is widely regarded as the first woman champion to become a complete fighter.  Many men, skeptical about women's competitive judo in the early 1980s, grudgingly acknowledged that she had all the attributes of a champion - clean and varied techniques, perfect fitness, fierce fighting spirit, and a speed and determination that took her to the top.

Briggs was the ultimate professional, both on and off the mat. Her daily fitness regime included a gruelling mixture of running, swimming, weight training and stretching. She realised at an early stage in her career that fitness had to be attained using careful and meticulous planning and execution. This lesson paid huge dividends for her and helped her to be strong and supple enough to become a champion.

Her own Olympic gold hopes were shattered 20 years ago after a dislocated shoulder prevented her from going for gold in Barcelona.

                        "1992 OLYMPICS BARCELONA SPAIN"




Since then, Karen Briggs MBE, has shared her love of judo with thousands of children across Hull and the East Riding.

ACHIEVEMENT: Judo star turned teacher Karen Briggs will carry the Olympic Torch through Beverley on Monday.

She will carry the Olympic Torch through Beverley on Monday.

Karen said: "Quite a lot of people nominated me.

"Twenty years ago in Barcelona, I got injured going into the final and it is something I have had to live with.

"After I retired, I went into teaching and I am still doing it. I absolutely love it.

"It is a little bit different for me, carrying the torch, because I have competed in the Olympic Games and been in the athletes' village.

"The way I look at it is, it's a remarkable achievement and the children I teach can put a face to someone who is going to be carrying the Olympic Torch.

"I am just the normal, everyday person who comes in to teach them."

From 1981 to 1990, Karen was a four-time World Champion, six-time European Champion and claimed two Commonwealth Games titles.

She also won five Japan Open titles and was five-time Paris Multi-nations Champion.

She said: "Sport is a lifeline for kids these days. It gives them that edge and a bit more."

Karen, of Paull, teaches judo to more than 300 children a week, as well as running her club in Hull with husband Peter Inman.

The pair have helped youngsters onto the Great Britain team, including daughter Jade.

Karen will be cheered on Monday by her children Harry, 14, and Jade, 16, as well as her husband Peter.

She is hoping to use the relay to raise money for 14-year-old Tom Marton, who is currently undergoing treatment for a brain tumour.

The Beverley Grammar School pupil is a member of the judo club Karen runs.

The torch will arrive in Bridlington at 3pm on Monday before making its way through Beverley and to Hull.

It will travel down Holderness Road and make its way to West Park for a huge event to celebrate the Olympics.

Karen, who has been Tom's judo coach since he was 6, shared the family's relief after surgery. "Tom was joking with the nurses after he came round. He seems in good spirits. "Being positive also helps. Doing judo has helped make him fit and focused."

She said: "Judo is quite a hard sport and you have to be really fit and focused when you are up against an opponent.

"I think this has made Tom stronger."


There will be other events on the torch route, including at Jaz Bar in Lowgate.

The bar has teamed up with CocaCola for a once-in-a-lifetime party.

The party, which starts at 4pm and last until late, will have live music, a barbecue, a Pimm's tent.

Coca-Cola is sponsoring the London 2012 Olympic torch relay as it travels the length and breadth of the country and, as part of this sponsorship, they have been hosting parties along the route of the Olympic torch.

The soft drinks company has chosen Jaz Bar as its chosen party venue in Hull.

Ellie Burrell, landlady, says it promises to be a lively fun-filled afternoon and evening.

She said: "We thought we needed to do something special as this is the first time that the Olympics has come this close to Hull."



Karen Briggs (judoka)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Karen Inman
7th DanMBE
Personal information
Birth name Karen Briggs
Nationality  England
Born 11 April 1963 (age 49)
Residence Hull
Weight 48 kg (110 lb; 7.6 st)
Country  Great Britain
Sport Judo

Karen Inman (née BriggsMBE (born 11 April 1963) is a British judoka who won numerous World and European Championship medals in judo. She is considered one of the UK's most successful competitive judoka. She represented the United Kingdom in the1992 Summer Olympics, the first year Women's Judo was included as an Olympic sport (first as a demonstration event in 1988) and placed fifth after suffering a dislocated shoulder.[1] She is married to Peter Inman, son of Olympic judo coach Roy Inman, and now teaches judo at schools in East Yorkshire.

Karens Favourite Techniques

- Tomoe-nage
- Ouchi-gari
- Tai-otoshi
- Ippon-seoi-nage
- Sangaku roll into Kami-shio-gatame

NOTE: The Karen Briggs low drop Tai-otoshi was astonishing to see, it was like a bomb going off every time she went for it. Now that, is exciting judo to watch!

Karen Briggs, a Judoka that gave the World high level Judo that set a new standard.

SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, OCTOBER 14: Judo legend, Karen Briggs MBE who won 4 World titles and 5 European titles, presented the u100kgs medals to (L-R) Silver- Maksim Bajunov, Gold- Peter Vincent, Bronzes- Stuart Gallimore and Thomas Alberts during the British Junior and Cadet Judo Championships held at the ICE Stadium on October 14, 2012 in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

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