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IJF launches a new software to record on live statistics

Education & Coaching Commission

IJF has tested successfully during the Junior World championship of Agadir a new programme to collect on live fights data. This new service is available on a simple click on www.judogear.jp/ijfstats

If you press on reports window you can get access to drawsheets, event, day, category, gender, country, athlete or technique list. The current capabilities of the new software can be summed up as defined below:

1.Data recording:

Data is recorded from the mat side to a central database connected via a local area network.

2.Internet access:

Once data from a mat has been recorded to the server on the LAN, the server updates new data to a mirrored database on the internet. The data then becomes available via the reporting and live views modules on the website.


The reports module provides drawsheet and fightsheet views so that any draw or fight from an event recorded in the database can be viewed by selecting the event and weight category. The module also provides standard reports showing countries, competition numbers, medal results, living techniques.

4.Live views:

This module provides live data for events in progress displayed in three ways. The drawsheet view provides a view of a specified weight category with complete fights and fights in progress highlighted. The mats view provides category, athlete and scoreboard information for each mat currently in use and also provides the ability to view time, score and technique detail for a selected mat – in real time.

5. Data export:

The system is able to export data in raw format to excel readable files. The purpose of this capability is to be able to make data available for academic research purposes.


The application is available in English, Japanese and French. The system has the capability of other languages to be added in the future.

It is worth noting that the system will be developed and improved in such a way to meet the requirements of any needs put forward.


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