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"Growing Judo for Coaches"

In the past three months, we have had three series of clinics to become certified national coaches. The class was run by Mark Lonsdale, a USJF, USJA & USA JUDO certified National Judo Coach and former international competitor. These 3 classes were the most organized and informative classes that I have ever attended. Mark brought a whole new outlook to coaching and the approach to teaching a technique that we all have learned over the years.  At these clinics, we were also honored to have Hayward Nishioka and Hal Sharp to add information and a thought process that all coaches need to understand.  Some of the Coaches in our class were from Europe which brought a lot of the new style of Judo for us to think about. We had French, Russian, Poland, and Armenian representation. I see USA Judo moving forward to be more competitive in the World of Judo. If anyone has the chance to take Mark's Class, I would recommend his clinics to anyone!


Thank You Mark!


Brad Karmann


Goltz Judo Club


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Comment by Judo Talk on September 10, 2012 at 12:14pm

Thank you for sharing, sensei!  This is great to know & share!

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