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DAY 1 Results: Judo Grand Prix, Qingdao 2012



The first day of the Judo Grand Prix, Qingdao 2012, was held today in China. Four women's categories (-48kg, -52kg, -57kg and -63kg) and three men's categories (-60kg, -66kg and -73kg) were concerned. At the end of the day, Mongolia takes the lead of the medal table with three gold medals, Belgium standing at the second place with the superb titles of Rosseneu and Van Tichelt. The host country of the competition, China wins also a beautiful Gold medal with MA, when Japan takes the last title distributed today with TANAKA. 



Women's -48kg: Gold for Rosseneu, Belgium
The final opposed CHUNG Jung-Yeon (KOR) and Amelie ROSSENEU (BEL). In less than one minute, ROSSENEU launched a first strong attack with an aerial uchi-mati and scored ippon for the first gold medal of the day.
The first semi-final opposed CHUNG Jung-Yeon (KOR), bronze medallist of the 2012 asian championship and HAN Sa (CHN). After only 47 seconds, Chung scored ippon and entered the final of the category. Han Sa declared after the competition: "I came here hoping to make the final. But despite having to settle for bronze it's my first time to take an IJF Grand Prix medal so I'm pleased."
The second semi-final opposed Gabriela CHIBANA (BRA), the winner of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2012, and Amelie ROSSENEU (BEL), the current Belgium champion. Even if she was obviously dominating the combat, it took more than 4 minutes to the Brazilian to score a first yuko. She believed she could keep it alive until the final gong, but one second before the end, Rosseneu scored a ippon with a rapid uchimata next to the edge of the competition area. 
Final results Women's -48kg:
1. ROSSENEU, Amelie (BEL)
2. CHUNG, Jung-Yeon (KOR)
3. CHIBANA, Gabriela (BRA)
3. HAN, Sa (CHN)
5. BALA, Rajni (IND)
5. GUO, Xu (CHN)
5. JIANG, Yahong (CHN)
5. TO, Tsz Ying (HKG)
Men's -60kg: Silver and Gold for Mongolia
The final opposed GANBOLD Kherlen and DASHDAVAA Amartuvshin, both from Mongolia. Knowing each other really well, the two competitors slowly entered into the fight and were quickly penalized by a shido and a second one, one minute later. Just before the last minute and a half, the first strong attack came from Ganbold, who scored a yuko to take the lead and to finally take the gold at the end of the combat. 
In the first semi-final between GANBOLD Kherlen (MGL) and CHOI Sung Yoon (KOR), the Korean scored the first yuko just after the first half of the fight with Uchi-mata, but only a fews seconds later, it was Ganbold's turn to launch a powerful attack for ippon this time. 
The second semi-final opposed DASHDAVAA Amartuvshin (MGL) and MSHVIDOBADZE, Robert (RUS). The Russian dominated the match when he was lifted high from the floor with a hip movement and landed completely on his back: ippon for DASHDAVAA.
Final results Men's -60kg:
1. GANBOLD, Kherlen (MGL)
2. DASHDAVAA, Amartuvshin (MGL)
3. CHOI, Sung Yoon (KOR)
5. HUANG, Sheng-Ting (TPE)
5. LU, Xiang (CHN)
5. TANG, Xiaolong (CHN)
5. YANG, Lishuan (CHN)
Women's -52kg: Gold for the Host Country, China
The final opposed world number three, Erika MIRANDA (BRA) and MA Yingnan (CHN). After two minutes and a half without really strong attacks, the Chinese was penalized a first time. Despite some powerful shoulder movements coming from both sides, none of the competitors were able to take the lead, even if Ma looked more aggressive and dangerous in her attempts to score. It was time for the golden score and the fight continued on the same slow rhythm. At the end, the decision was made by the referees, who all gave a blue victory and the gold medal for Ma Yingnan from China. Right after her victory, the Chinese declared: "I've waited a long time for this and I have to thank my coach who kept faith in me telling me I could do it. I love judo and just wanted to do my best today. I'm glad that it all worked well for me and I could take gold for my country".
The first semi-final opposed Erika MIRANDA (BRA - WRL 3) and Urantsetseg MUNKHBAT (MGL). The fight started slowly with 2 penalties given to Munkhbat and one to Miranda. When the rhythm increased, the Mongolian was the first one to score a beautiful waza-ari with a well executed counterattack. But the second Miranda's try to strangle her opponent was the good one for ippon and a place in the final.
The second semi-final opposed Ilse HEYLEN (BEL - WRL 5) and MA Yingnan (CHN), who, with a waza-ari, was the first Chinese athlete to enter the final in front of her public. 
Final results Women's -52kg:
1. MA, Yingnan (CHN)
2. MIRANDA, Erika (BRA)
3. HEYLEN, Ilse (BEL)
3. MUNKHBAT, Urantsetseg (MGL)
5. CHEN, Chen (CHN)
5. CHOI, Yu-Jin (KOR)
5. THOUDAM, Kalpana Devi (IND)
5. VALEMTIM, Eleudis (BRA)
Men's -66kg: Second double title of the Day for Mongolia
The final opposed BUUVEIBAATAR Khishigbayar and DAVAADORJ Tumurkhuleg. For the second time in a row in the men's categories, the two Mongolian competitors qualified for the last fight. After two minutes, DAVAADORJ was the first one to score with a counterattack for a yuko. Less than a minute later, he reproduced the same effort but this time for a ippon, again with a superb counterattack (ura-nage).
The first semi-final opposed SHIMIZU Kento (JPN) and BUUVEIBAATAR Khishigbayar (MGL). With a tremendous ko-soto-gake, BUUVEIBAATAR was the third Mongolian fighter of the day to be qualified for the final. 
The second semi-final opposed Kamal KHAN-MAGOMEDOV (RUS) and DAVAADORJ Tumurkhuleg (MGL), who scored a waza-ari with a powerful counterattack (ura-nage) around the half of the semi-final, but KHAN-MAGOMEDOV came back on score pushing the Mongolian to be penalized, which he was three times. A few seconds before the end, while the golden score was approaching, the Russian launched a strong attack, for what he thought was a ippon. But as he used a forbidden leg grab, he was penalized and disqualified. 
Final results Men's -66kg:
1. DAVAADORJ, Tumurkhuleg (MGL)
2. BUUVEIBAATAR, Khishigbayar (MGL)
3. SHIMIZU, Kento (JPN)
5. MA, Duanbin (CHN)
5. MAENO, Shogo (JPN)
5. OATES, Colin (GBR)
5. REVITE, Luiz (BRA)
Women's -57kg: 6 Penalties but a Superb Movement to Conclude the Third Gold Medal for Mongolia.
The final opposed DORJSUREN Sumiya (MGL) and Ketleyn QUADROS (BRA). A first shido was given to Quadros, after less than two minutes, for passivity. When, a little bit later, both fighters where penalized, it gave automatically the lead to DORJSUREN, with the equivalent of a yuko (2 shido to 1). But not for long. Once again, the referees gave a shido to the Mongolian for false attack (2 to 2). During the last minute, Quadros and Dorjsuren were again successively penalized. Having received three penalties each, it was time for the golden score. No more mistake was possible on either side of the tatami and this was the moment that DORJSUREN chose to score for the first time of the final with a combination shoulder movement/leg grabbing movement, which is allowed and age her the final victory. 
The first semi-final opposed DORJSUREN Sumiya (MGL) and DZUKIC, Vesna (SLO), who was immobilized just before the last minute, allowing DORJSUREN to be the fifth Mongolian fighter to enter the finals.
The second semi-final opposed Ketleyn QUADROS (BRA) and LIU Yang (CHN). Once again, the fight looked over for the Chinese as, Quadros was leading by waza-ari. Less than 30 seconds before the end, the Chinese also scored waza-ari, but only 2 seconds before the golden score starts, the Brazilian found the necessary energy to score a yuko to enter the final.
Final results Women's -57kg:
1. DORJSUREN, Sumiya (MGL)
2. QUADROS, Ketleyn (BRA)
3. DZUKIC, Vesna (SLO)
3. LIU Yang (CHN)
5. HUO, Xiaoqing (CHN)
5. KIM, Byeol-Hee (KOR)
5. NAREKS, Petra (SLO)
5. OTOMO, Makiko (JPN)
Men's -73kg: European Final and Victory for Van Tichelt
After the 100% Mongolian finals in the men's categories, the last final for men opposed Dirk VAN TICHELT (BEL) and Rok DRAKSIC (SLO), two representatives of the European continent. For the record, it is interesting to underline, that the two competitors warmed up together in the morning and obviously it brought them good luck… a little bit more to the Belgium, Van Tichelt, who scored two times waza-ari (ko-soto-kake and counterattack) to win the gold. 
The first semi-final opposed Dirk VAN TICHELT (BEL) and SAITO Ryo (JPN). The Belgian won by waza-ari obtained with a counterattack. 
The second semi-final opposed GANBAATAR Odbayar (MGL) and Rok DRAKSIC (SLO), who rapidly scored a first yuko, with a left handed shoulder movement (ippon-seoi-nage), before concluding on the floor with a strong immobilization (kata-gatame). 
Final results
3. GANBAATAR, Odbayar (MGL) 
3. SAITO, Ryo (JPN)
5. AN, Jeong-Hwan (KOR)
5. JANG, Won Gi (KOR)
5. KAYTMAZOV, Batradz (RUS)
5. ZUO, Yushen (CHN)
Women's -63kg: Japan Concludes with Gold
The last final of the day opposed TANAKA Miki (JPN) and Martyna TRAJDOS (GER). Exactly 30 seconds after the beginning of the fight, Tanaka executed an almost perfect left handed ho-uchi-gari, which was counted as waza-ari. A few seconds later, she immobilized her German opponent to give the first gold of the week-end to Japan.
The first semi-final opposed TANAKA, Miki (JPN) and TRSTENJAK, Tina (SLO). Coached by the Olympic London Champion, Urska Zolnir, the Slovenian and the Japanese waited until the golden Score to know who will be the first qualified athlete of the category to get into the final. And After 27 seconds only in the extra-time, TANAKA scored ippon and won her ticket for the final.
The second semi-final opposed TRAJDOS, Martyna (GER) and HOWELL, Gemma (GBR). After four minutes, Trajdos was able to score the first, with a waza-ari on the edge of the fighting area. That was enough to enter the final, despite a last yuko scored by Howell.
Final results
1. TANAKA, Miki (JPN)
2. TRAJDOS, Martyna (GER)
3. HOWELL, Gemma (GBR)
5. BALDORJ, Mungunchimeg (MGL)
5. BARROS, Mariana (BRA)
5. OTA, Haruna (JPN)
5. ZHANG, Wen (CHN)

SOURCE: ijf.org


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