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Damascus-16th Arab Judo Championships (participation of 13 Arab countries)

Damascus- Competitions of the 16th Arab Judo Championships, men and women kicked off in Damascus on Saturday evening with the participation of 13 Arab countries. The championship will run through November 1.

Syria, Jordan, Algeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, Libya and Egypt participate in this championship.

Results of the men competitions for the first day were as follows:
The weight of / 60 / kg: The Algerian Hussein Tawahri won the gold medal and the Saudi al-Yaaqoub Chamrani won silver while the bronze went to the Syrian and Jordanian Omar Boulad and Nayef Eyal.

The weight of / 66 / kg: Gold medal went to the Algerian Walid Shallah, the silver medal to the Jordanian Mohammad Ghazi Mohammad and bronze to the Syrian Abdel Ghani al-Ek and Iraqi Hassan Mohammad Hassan .
The weight of / 73 / kg: The Algerian Larbi Qareenah was ranked 1st (gold medal), followed by the Syria Mansour al-Shaleh (silver), while the bronze went to the Iraqi Baher al-Matrouk and Emirati Khalifa al-Qubeyssi.

The weight of / 81 / kg, Algerian Salim Rejenni snatched the gold medal, the Syrian Mohammad Ali Saleh won silver while the bronze went to Kuwait Hani Ibrahim Ashour and Saudi Nayef Mezio. .

Competitions of ladies, three players have won medals: Rana Chheitan silver medal in the weight / 57 / kg, Chadia Assaf silver medal in the weight / 48 / kg and Shirin Shalish bronze medal in weight / 52 / kg.

The competitions continues today with the weight / 90 / kg / 100 / kg and / 100 / kg.

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