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Angolan Judo federation: “Kodokan” SENDS four Japanese SENSEI'S to help Angolan judo coaches improve skills!

11/8/10 5:30 PM

Angolan judo coaches improve skills with Japanese masters

Luanda - At least 50 coaches and trainees of judo higher competition, Monday, in Luanda, started training sessions and updating techniques, led by four Japanese masters (Kodokan).

The training is being held in Pavilion annex I of Cidadela Sportive and representatives of nine provinces of the country are learning about physical, psychological and moral skills, among others.

The training action was witnessed by the Japanese ambassador to Angola, Kazuhiko Koshikawa, and the chairperson of the Angolan Judo federation, Quintino Cabral.

On the occasion, masters Akirakai (7th Dan), Yoshiharu Makishi (6th), Tomoya Hira (5th) and Yoshihisa Ishikawa (5th) were appreciating carefully the trainees and correcting them.

The four masters belong to “Kodokan” School (the world biggest Judo School), founded by Japanese Jigoro Kano, in 1882.


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