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In the early 90s a Detroit area sportscaster named Don Shane had a weekly segment called "Dare Don".  The gist being anyone could call in a sports related dare and if they selected your dare they would set up a location to film/tape it.  One of the young fellas in my club was a HS wrestler and he heard Don Shane assert on another dare that he did some HS wrestling.  This prompted a dare issued by the young fella in my club to Don daring him to attempt to avoid being pinned within 30 seconds by his judo coach (yours truly).


The dare was accepted and they set a date to tape it at my dojo then located in the Dearborn Racquet Club, Dearborn, Michigan.  The racquet club allowed us to set up the mats permanently inside a racquet ball court and that is where the dare took place.


Don Shane arrived at the designated date, time and place with his camera crew.  He stated, "I don't want to look like a 'jackass' so could you 'carry me' for 20 seconds and my cameraman will indicate ten seconds remaining with a shout of some kind."  I accepted.  The young ref that attempted to pronounce "hajime" was not a judoka and he just volunteered to put a gi on and act as the ref, subsequently, his "hajime" was comical unto itself.


At the 20 second mark the cameraman gave his grunt as promised and Don backed up and straight armed in an attempt to win the dare.  The rest, as they say, is history. 


If the female news anchor at the end of the vid looks familiar you may recognize her as Diana Lewis, the female sportscaster from the flick "Rocky"  that interviewed Rocky in the meat hanger when he was laying it on a side of beef,.

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