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On December 11 and 12, Edwin Takemori taught a Nage/Katame no Kata clinic at Orange County Kodokan in Southern California.  Takemori sensei's clinic was very fun and very informative.  He taught the kata techniques, then explained the reasons for them, and how they apply to shiai competition. 


Clinic participants were from ages of 6 to 52.  Assistant clinicians were Osugi from Sawtelle and Namba from Long Beach.  Seinan Judo Club was very hospitable with lunch served each day with ice cold beverages for each break.  This was a great and memorable Judo event.


Edwin Takemori is a Shichidan (7th degree black belt). He began his judo studies at the Washington Judo Club and has been actively involved in practice and competition for 50 years. As a competitor he was a United States national judo player and a Senior Nationals master competitor. Mr. Takemori has been teaching for 45 years. He taught at the Washington Judo Club, Goddard, Andrews Air Force Base, and Tucker Road Community Center. Currently he teaches at the Naval Academy, and Deerfield Run and Glenn Dale Community Centers.

For more information:
Edwin Takemori at takemorijudo@verizon.net
Chrissy Kaichi at ckaichi@yahoo.com


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